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Jul 10, 2011 11:30pm EDT
and and hoping jon stewart we'll say anything mean about your will like you. conservatives don't care about what people around them think that is why liberals still believe in god. >> >> would buy sign young conservatives with college? >> don't go to law school. >> he would be throwing your wife oil that the liberals go to law school. unless he will be a scumbag trial lawyer you will not make that much money you'll be working weekend for the rest of your lives and there i say did you know, you'd be doing this? and is said job that you did not know existed. i know what it is. the person who designs food for tv commercials so it looks attractive come up on the play, the lighting. there are a lot of jobs out there. young conservative should go into the media to become public school teachers and the pay is fantastic by the way. [laughter] college professors and republicans could teach me a few tricks if you're on a college campus, you are apparently not going with the flow. and that is very first-aid the bathetic this locking up to their professors. teacher another example of homophobia in hamlin.
Jul 17, 2011 10:00pm EDT
i frankly don't trust what watchers wrote come i cannot rely on that. who killed the jon lingo? somebody. maybe yibin john lingo himself little mystery in history is okay. >> on the subject of josephine i was intrigued by referring to wider bad as her husband but there is no impression that there was never a legal marriage. can you speak to that? >> guest: certainly. of lot of marriages on the frontier were common-law where there was no legal ceremony and frankly all of the power they with the man rather than the woman when they got tired of it, it was dissolved there was no legal basis. wyatt earp i believe was married wants in his youth and in between him and josephine there were two common-law wives. i use the term has spent it as the term of the frontier of, but you are correct i don't believe there was a legal union. >> you look familiar. [laughter] do you have a favorite movie about the than five? can you comment on the strengths and weakness -- weaknesses of the various movies? >> guest: my favorite o.k. corral film is the "star trek" episode. [laughter] i still love tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2